Greenhouse Film


Greenhouses are the ideal growth environment for plants (vegetables, fruits, flowers). Protect plants from external factors such as rain, wind and cold. Provides a faster growth of the plant with the balanced environment it provides. Thus, it is possible to harvest several times a year.

The properties of the greenhouse cover such as the duration of sunlight resistance, thickness and other optional additives are determined according to the intended use (flower, vegetable, fruit, classical agriculture, landless agriculture, geothermal use etc.) and the region to be used. According to their resistance to sunlight: We produce greenhouse covers of 3, 6, 9, 12, 24, 36 and 60 months.The properties described in the additive section are added to the product during the production phase.

General features

– Greenhouse Coverings have high mechanical strength, long-lasting, thermal and light breaking properties.

– Greenhouse cover improves product yield and provides early yield,

– Reduces cooling by keeping warm at night, protects from cold damage.

– Provides a strong and orderly development of plants.

– It’s anti-bacterial.

– It prevents the plants from drying out in hot and sunny weather because daylight changes the light wavelength.

– Allows the light to be distributed regularly in the greenhouse, increasing the activity of the light.

– It removes the problem of slow growth because frequent plants shade each other.

Thanks to the extra features brought to the greenhouse cover with different additive combinations, the growers are getting more efficient and quality crops.

UV ADDITIVE: It helps the nylon to last long by filtering ultraviolet rays. It is produced durable for 9, 12, 18, 24, 36, 48 months according to the amount of additive.

IR ADDITIVE: It is an additive which keeps the infrared rays in the greenhouse so that the greenhouse is like a thermos which is 3-4 degrees warmer from the outside.

AF ADDITIVE: This substance called anti fog is an additive that prevents haze, fogging and dripping in the green.

EVA: Increases the transparency of the film, allowing the sun to benefit from more sunlight and warm up. At the same time, as in the IR contribution, the inner heat of the greenhouse is 3-4 degrees warmer from the outside.

Using advice;

*Care should be taken not to damage the product when transporting, moving and storing.

*Rolls should be kept away from direct sunlight, in shadow and dry place.

*Be careful not to damage the nylon when it is put into the jam or profile.

*The films should only be used on galvanized steel profiles.